Why User Experience is vital to Digital Marketing Success

UX Today’s consumers are smart, savvy, and time-starved, and they want their needs delivered instantly. \Whether at a desk, on a bus or in a bank line, people like to access the internet for various reasons; whether to shop, book flights, check-in with friends, or search for information. These various online functions all have oneContinue reading “Why User Experience is vital to Digital Marketing Success”

Why is social media marketing important?

Anyone will tell you that a multi tonged approach is best for capturing the attention of the consumer. With such a wealth of content at our fingertips, it takes a lot to stand out and truly connect with the consumer. Social media can help; it offers boundless methods to connect with the consumer.  How toContinue reading “Why is social media marketing important?”

Best SEO tools for optimal website performance

Google search console One of the best free ways to check how you perform on SERPs once you register the website with google the website will provide you with a unique code.The only downside is that you don’t control how your website features on the search engine. KW Finder it is best used to findContinue reading “Best SEO tools for optimal website performance”

Start an effective marketing strategy for your small business in South Africa

Its a good idea to invest in search engine optimization Once your marketing strategy has been established , seo is definitely a weapon that you need to have in your arsenal. These days having a great website is the first step in terms of developing an online presence.  But effective SEO is the difference betweenContinue reading “Start an effective marketing strategy for your small business in South Africa”

Building Customer Relationships

Hardly anyone reiterates the importance of customer relationship maintenance , so I thought I would write a little about it There are a few benefits of Customer relationship management to a firm It costs much more to acquire a new customer than to hold onto an old customer Long time customers may trust you. HappyContinue reading “Building Customer Relationships”

How the Digital Era is changing Business

The digital era has been called the ‘ third industrial revolution ‘ by many experts in the business and technology sector.  Current impacts on business include the use of mobile phones and changes from site to cloud computing are examples of how business owners in especially ‘ baby boomer’s’ need to adapt.  The virtual marketplace Continue reading “How the Digital Era is changing Business”

Traditional and digital marketing

Understanding potential target markets A market is a group of customers who have purchasing power and unsatisfied needs. A market must comprise of the following  A market must have buying units or customers, they may be individual or business entities.  Customers must have purchasing power, people that lack money or credit are not viable becauseContinue reading “Traditional and digital marketing”